Fizz & Banter @ Gifted

Sponsors of the the Ladies League and Cup events invite everyone along to Gifted,  78 Raeburn Place, EH4 1HJ Edinburgh for some Fizz & Banter.

I am reliably informed this is not just an event for the Ladies, so Gents get along, you may be able to get your Christmas shopping done early for the first time ever!

: Defibrillator familiarisation / Training


Please see the post below

Good Evening All

I am aware that several Clubs have defibrillators in place and I and my colleagues from Waverley Company St Andrews First Aid would like to offer some familiarisation / Training / refresher update along with CPR training free of charge to those who want it.


I realise that this may well have been provided when the machines were installed but would ask how confident would you feel to use it should it be necessary now


With the close season now upon us we can come to you on a Wednesday evening for 2 hours during the Months of October to December and potentially into the new year should that suit better

Please get in touch with me to discuss and make arrangements

Many Thanks

Billy Strang

Lutton Place BC

07719 289282

Technical issues with league Tables

Good Evening

Unfortunately things have not gone to plan tonight. I hope to have this reactified asap

This affects 1st xv1 Division 5

Scores were

Balerno 5 Trinity 4 Juniper Green 9 Jessfield 0

Coltbridge 3 Liberton 6 Portobello 4 Ardmillan 5

2nd xv1 division 3 score were

Sighthill 3 Slateford 6 Leith 7 Summerside 2 Liberton 0 Mayfield 9

LRF 9 Blackhall 0

my apologies to all clubs concerned.


EBL Knockout Ties

Good Evening,

Can I remind all clubs that if you are u unable to make any of the your ties can you please contact,

Firstly your opponent and Venue

Then the League secretary text or email is fine


I would like to remind all clubs, that you can only play in one event. So for example you cannot play in the Senior Fours on the Monday afternoon and then play again on the Thursday Evening.

Also there was a bit of confusion last week on how many ends should be played, please see below the correct number of ends

Pairs 15 , Triples 13 Fours 15 , Senior Fours 15

Wearing of Shorts on the green

Dear members of the Edinburgh Bowling League,

We have recently began consultation with all member clubs to ascertain what clubs allow players on their green whilst wearing shorts.  We as a committee support people desires to wear such uniform but we cannot overrule any clubs local policy.

When we hear back from all clubs and have the results of this discussion, we will publish the clubs that allow and do not allow.  We all have to respect the each club will have their own rules on this.

To clarify shorts will be an acceptable part of the current dress code (Section 7 of EBL Constitution) but must follow these rules;

Black or Grey plain tailored dress shorts or official Club Shorts

We understand that the recent weather has sparked this question and until we have the response from all clubs, we ask that you respect the decision of all clubs and should your wish to wear shorts for an away game please contact the secretary of that club to ask for their ruling and permission.

Yours in Sport

EBL Committee