Guess the time Winners

Thank you to all who have donated to the 2020 Presidents Charity, The Eric Liddell Centre
Huge thanks also to everyone who entered our competition to guess the total time for all 15 participants to complete the 40 miles.

The total time taken for everyone was


We had three prizes up for grabs and all three winners had chosen the same time of 11:20:00. All only being 24 seconds away and were clear winners. As its a tie, we have done an independent draw with the results below.
We will get in touch with all winners shortly to deliver prizes.

We would also like to thank all companies for donating the prizes for this competition. All of them are great supporters of the EBL and provide services here in Edinburgh.

£75 voucher 1st Prize to spend on services & support goes to…
P Veitch, Parkside

£50 voucher 2nd prize to spend at STS on lawn care products, seed, fertiliser etc… goes to…
S Syme, Sighthill

£25 voucher 3rd prize to spend in Gifted goes to…
D Watson, Dean