Memory Marathon+

As in previous years the Edinburgh Bowling League (EBL) President & Committee have done various fund raising activities, well this year is slightly different with the current circumstances.
We feel it is still vitally important to help where we can as many people still require the help from charities, maybe even more so now.
In light of restrictions we have come up with an idea that will still allow us to raise funds and also abide by government safety restrictions.

On the 23rd May 2020 at 2pm we have decided to do a “Memory Marathon+” challenge, EBL Committee and Past Presidents will walk around the perimeter of their own greens so that the total distance walked will be OVER MARATHON distance, 40 miles!  To cover this distance, each person will need to walk on between 26 & 30 times around, each covering a minimum of 2.6 miles.
To achieve the distance 15 members will be completing this.

Eric Liddell centre are celebrating there 40th year anniversary, a milestone they are hugely proud of.

We will be broadcasting video calls & live streams to keep everyone up-to-date with our progress as we all complete this. So look out on Facebook and Twitter for the hashtag #MemoryMarathon+

With there being no charity triples tournament this year, if your club is able to donate their usual contribution, this would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to personally donate and we understand that some people may not be in a position this year to do so, please do so on the Just Giving page, and remember to tick the Gift Aid button if eligible
Just Giving

More information about the Eric Liddell Centre on our site

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