Wearing of Shorts on the green

Dear members of the Edinburgh Bowling League,

We have recently began consultation with all member clubs to ascertain what clubs allow players on their green whilst wearing shorts.  We as a committee support people desires to wear such uniform but we cannot overrule any clubs local policy.

When we hear back from all clubs and have the results of this discussion, we will publish the clubs that allow and do not allow.  We all have to respect the each club will have their own rules on this.

To clarify shorts will be an acceptable part of the current dress code (Section 7 of EBL Constitution) but must follow these rules;

Black or Grey plain tailored dress shorts or official Club Shorts

We understand that the recent weather has sparked this question and until we have the response from all clubs, we ask that you respect the decision of all clubs and should your wish to wear shorts for an away game please contact the secretary of that club to ask for their ruling and permission.

Yours in Sport

EBL Committee